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This page was the "English" starting page of my site almost four years.
Sergiy Klymenko, 14.12.2007.

The purpose of this site was the publication of my family tree.
The purpose of this site was the publication of my genealogic tree. With information on six generations of my "blood" relatives, it covers about 40 people with last names of Klymenko, Khlibanovy, Lubynsky, Kalynovych, Korotkovy, Solyanyk, Zhulyakovy, Naumenko, Fesun and others. All of them have lived in territory of former Russian empire; mostly in Ukraine. Some my attempts to systematize this info in an electronic version have resulted in creation of HTML-structure in 2001, with illustrated articles about each of the relatives known to me. Illustrations include scanned photos, metrics, articles from encyclopedias and newspapers etc.

Subsequently I wanted to expand subjects of this site a little. In particular - to share my love for the finest "eternal" city of the world - ancient and simultaneously young city of Kyiv, and also the snapshots of some other interesting parts of our planet.

I would be grateful for any responses and offers.
I'm also awaiting for information from or about potential relatives.

Sincerely yours,
Sergiy Klymenko

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First publication of this site: 20.02.2003
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